About CRES on the horizon

CRES on the Horizon Blurb

From the ancient Land of Kush, comes Herucres the son of a great witch doctor whose destiny was foretold by the mysterious Ureaubes that the would one day become the most powerful witch doctor Africa has ever seen before. Do to the manifestation of amazing abilities Herucres is sent to the University City to study under the Ureaubes.

CRES on the Horizon follows Herucre's journey to understand the truths of the universe as well as encounter mystical creatures and beings from distant lands journey and him across the continent of Africa as he reaches his full potential or CRES.

About the werenigro


  Spencer Packer is a liberal white  man from the Midwest. He was taught to judge people not based off of their race and color, but off of their actions. Or so he believes. After a brutal attack by a monstrous Negro, his beliefs are tested and his life is changed forever. During the full moon he transforms into The WERENIGRO.


Is this a curse or a blessing? As he learns to control his out of control Nigro counterpart he exposes a conspiracy with galactic proportions involving melanin, shadow governments and aliens. Welcome to the MELANIN HARVEST!!